Favorite Cookies for a special day

This Memorial Day we opened up our home
and had a cook-out with good friends.
To celebrate,

Zachary (and Marin) and I made our new favorite cookies!
Oatmeal Crispies.
Thanks to The Pioneer Woman.
(click on the name to find the recipe)

You can make them plain, with chocolate chips, M&Ms
or whatever you want.

We love them best with craisins!
They bake just like snickerdoodles.
Take them out when they are a little light brown and don’t quite look done yet.
As they cool, they solidify most perfectly!
Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle.
They are delicious!

Said a prayer of Thanksgiving that day and every day,
for the many men and women who have served and continue to serve our country.
God bless!

Monster Bars – OH YEAH!

In the kitchen with my boy again.
He’s getting so good, he knows how to put the mixer together!
The other day we made one of our favorites,
Monster Bars!!!!
Peanut Butter, M&Ms, chocolate chips, oatmeal…
They are wildly delicious and oh so not good for you.
Well, they have oatmeal in them,
does that count?  🙂 
The sugars were first and right away Zachary exclaimed,
“Isn’t that cool, mom?!”
Referring to the brown sugar sand castle.  🙂
His favorite thing to do is crack the eggs.
I think he asked me about 50 times,
“Can I add some eggs?”
Before and after we added the number needed.
the oatmeal
the m&ms
the chocolate chips
He kept telling me and his dad,
“We’re using the ingredients!”
Yep, he’s becoming a little chef!
Got to take at least one bite!

Ok, maybe 2 bites!  🙂 
They are super easy to make and very yummy.
Give them a try, but I warn you,
make them and take them somewhere to share or else you’ll eat the whole batch!!
 Cookin’ with your Kiddos, it’s good for the soul!
Have fun!
(one of several, I am sure)

Jello Jiggling Fun

As a kid I loved Jello Jigglers!
So I thought, why not make them with Z!
Not quite like making cookie cut outs.
Yes, it was quite messy,
but it was just so much fun!
And I think eating them is always the best part.
If you have never had Jello Jigglers,
you have to try them.
And if it’s just been a long time,
you have to make them soon!
It brought the kids in both of us out…
…and we laughed and laughed.
I always seem to get to a place where we are going stir crazy and need to just do something different.  Then I look for a fun cooking idea.
But goodness, in my recipe file, I have a whole bunch of ideas from when I was a teacher. 
I really need to do this more.
It’s good for the heart and the soul.
And it’s just plain fun with my son!
I hope you will get in the kitchen with your kiddos soon,
and may you laugh and laugh!
Cookin’ with your kiddos, it’s good for the soul!
Have fun!

Apple Cake

Zachary wanted to do some “mixing” today,
so we made up some apple cake.
It takes a little work when you bake with a kiddo
(and sometimes a little more clean up :),
but it was just so much fun!!
My favorite moment was when he exclaimed,
“I love mixing with you, mommy!”
Yep, my heart melted.
And then, of course, my other favorite part was eating it.
Not just because it was so yummy, which it was,
but because with EVERY bite Zachary sighed,
“My apple cake is so good!”
“mmmm mmmm mmmm!”
So when you just need something different to do with your kiddo(s),
get out some baking gear, slip on an Apron
and have some messy, yummy fun!
Cookin’ with your kiddos, It’s good for the soul!
Have fun!
This Apple Cake recipe is actually Tastefully Simple’s Nana’s Apple Cake Mix.
It’s absolutely delicious!