What Wii fun we had!

Wii pic 2 So this past week for Family Day we went to Concord Mills mall.  A huge mall about 30 miles from us.  We wanted to just go walk around and play.  Zachary rode the merry-go-round twice, the train and played in the kids area for a while.  We had a blast.  After lunch, we were headed to see the fish at the Bass Pro Shop and ran into the WiiSports Resort.  Literally!  They had a large area roped off with palm trees and decorations.  When you walked in, they put flowers around your neck.  Inside there were TVs everywhere with different games from the new WiiSports Resort edition.  Let's just say we had a blast!  You can see that Zachary had fun from the picture.  He played sword play with his dad.  It was hysterical.  We don't have a Wii, but have wanted one.  There is just something about being active while you play a game together.  You just can't help but laugh.  It takes me back to the days when my family would gather for holidays and we would play group games like Taboo, Guesstures or Win, Lose or Draw.  We would laugh and laugh as we watched our family members look incredibly silly trying to get their team to guess the answer.  Oh, what fun we had. I'll never forget those days.  I guess the WWii picii is a new-age version of those games.  When you play them with friends or family, you just laugh and cheer and have a great time.  Maybe one day soon, we'll get a Wii.  You certainly get your heart pumping.  It was another fun day for the Spahr family.   I love Family Days.  Next week we are headed to Hendersonville, NC for their Apple Festival.  Can't wait for that!  Have any fun family outings to share?  Would love to hear what you do!

Friday Fun

This week for Family Friday, we went all out.  Headed to Discovery Place in the morning and let Zachary play his heart out.  After being confined to the house for a week to make sure he was over his flu, he LOVED being out and about.  We headed to Reid's Foods for lunch….yummmmmmy!!!!!    And then home for nap, oh but the fun did not stop there!   It was our neighborhood night at Monkey Joe's, so we headed there after dinner for some bouncy fun.  For those of you who do not know what Monkey Joe's is, well, it is a room full of blow-up bounce houses, slides and obstacle courses.  They have 2 areas for young children to climb, slide and bounce.  Zachary loves it.   So yes, we all slept well today.  It was refreshing, being together and so great to visit with neighbors!  What has your family done together lately?

Family Fridays: Saturday this week!

Flag_and_stars Some weeks are so crazy!  This was one of those weeks for us.  Friday was spent at home, doing very little.  We were wiped.  Saturday is going to be our play day, it's July 4th of course!  We are headed to the local Farmer's Market in the morning and then meeting some friends for the parade.  My sister and her family should be here late afternoon and then we will grill out and hang out with the kids.  Being that the oldest is 3, we probably won't make fireworks this year.  I am sure there will be plenty of crackers going on all around us.  We are looking forward to a fun day to celebrate the beauty of our country and the gift of being family.  Blessings to you all this July 4th!

Family Friday: Simple and fun!

Waterplay Today we decided to stay close to home.  We filled up Zachary's pool and enjoyed some cool water on a hot morning.  I think the picture says it all.  He loved it and we had a blast.   Then we got dry, changed and headed to our favorite coffee shop in our area.  It is called The Coffee Garden.  Run by a great family, it is a cool, calm atmosphere with great coffee.  We enjoyed cold coffee treats and Zachary played.  They have toys for kids and a book basket as well.  Then home for lunch and nap time.  The rest of the day we are going to just hang out at home and make some bacon BBQ burgers on the grill for dinner.  A great, simple and wonderful day with the family.  Hope you have a great one this week too!

Family Fridays: We love books!

It has been blazing hot here in NC, so on our family day this week, we went to the Library.  Zachary loves books and every evening we try to read books before bedtime.  Library books are some of his favorites to read.  So off we went.  Our library has an area for children with puzzles and some toys.  They have little tables for coloring and some computers with educational games.  It's a great place.  We spent some time there playing and then checked out 8 new books.  It's a great place to go!  Lots of libraries have story times too. 

Got any family time ideas?  We would love to hear them!