Number Fun

This past week we practiced counting and number recognition
with lots of fun activities.
We have a “toy library” in our area called
Smart Start Resource Center.
We LOVE it!
They have loads of toys and educational games,
books, literature kits, science, art, math, language arts 
and dramatic play stuff…and much more.
I was pleasantly surprised at how well Z knew his numbers.
He loves puzzles, so the number puzzle activities were a huge hit.
We had a lot of fun this week.
The best part, was taking the time to just be with him,
playing and learning.
I’m all about imaginative and creative play.  
He has a lot of toys that foster that.
We also do a lot of art.  Love that time too!
 I am also a huge fan of educational games and toys.
I love to watch him play and problem solve. 
It’s one of those times as a parent when I get so excited to see him
“get it” and I constantly say to him,
“You are so smart!!!”
I love it!

Nature Collages

First we collected items we found from nature
Then we glued them onto large sheets of white paper
And we had our nature collages!

My favorite quote of the day was,
“Let’s go find more things!”

We really had a lot of fun.
We took time to look at the things we found
and talked about their color, shape and size,
how they felt and what they were.

A simple activity really,
and a great time of interaction and investigating
God’s creation.

Discovery Time

I have decided that I need to be more intentional about planning activities with Zachary, so I have started Discovery Time.
Sometimes it will be educational and fun
and sometimes it will be just plain messy and fun.
This was one of those messy and fun days!
Can you tell by his face that he had fun?
The cool thing was,
we both did.
One thing that fills my heart with joy the most is watching my son have fun.  
When he exclaims,
“Mommy, look what I did!”
And I say “It’s so beautiful, Zachary, I love it!”
And he replies, “Thanks!”,
My heart melts.
Or when I say, “Wow, Zachary, you are so creative!”
and he replies, “Yes, I am creative!”,
I can’t help but laugh.
He is just at an age where he is so curious, so adventurous and so wanting to do things.
So here comes Discovery Time.
It’s going to be so much fun!  I can hardly wait myself!