Art, Art and more Art

This Fall we have surrounded ourselves with art.
And we are loving it!
I really don’t know who has more fun,
the kids or their mom!

We have done some specific art projects.

And some free-for-all art.
This one Zachary called his
“Magnificent Masterpiece”.
Love it!

We made Pilgrims.

We made Thankful Turkeys.

And more super cute scarecrows!

Sometimes Marin will join us and other times she isn’t real interested
or else she is napping.
I am certain that as Christmas fast approaches, 
we will dive into some more fun art.
So stay tuned…


This past week or so we have been doing all things trees;
parts of a tree, how trees grow, what trees are used for,
apple trees, seasonal trees…
Trees can sound like a bland subject, but we had a great time learning this week.
Here are just a couple of art projects we did.  
Super easy, super fun and super cute!

Outer Space Art

This is an art project I have done several times as a teacher.
It is easy, fun, not very messy and turns out great!
First you pick the color paints you want to use,
then you paint the bottom side of a foil pie plate.
After the entire bottom of the pie plate is covered (bottom only, not sides),
flip the pie plate over onto your choice of color construction paper.
Slowly, peel off the pie plate…
and you have your Earth, or Moon or planet.
Finally, add star stickers.
We used different colors to make each picture look different.
Can you guess which one is our Earth?
How about our Moon?
The third picture is a planet, Zachary declared!
Happy Art Days!

Constellation Creations

This week we have been learning about the sky and exploring outer space.
Well, Zachary thinks it is “So cool!”
We are having fun.
Here are a couple of pictures we made with star stickers and chalk.
He put the stars where he wanted and we connected them with chalk.
Then we named them.
If you homeschool and have creative ideas, please feel free to pass them along.
I know I would love to hear about them!
Happy Homeschooling!

Our School Room

I’m a teacher, by trade and by heart.  
I love teaching.
I love the learning process,
and I love being a part of it all with my own kids.
It’s quite an undertaking in some ways,
but I am finding out just how rewarding and fun it can be.
Not that I doubted that, 
but some days I wonder who is having more fun,
my kids or me!
As I began to plan out what I would do with my kids and how I would present things,
I thought that creating a specific space for “school” would be beneficial.
It sure has.
My dear Zachary is all boy; active, loud and never without energy.
Creating the “school room” (Which is what he calls it)
upstairs in our loft has caught his attention.
He loves it, as does Marin.
It’s a space we are not in that often, mostly because it is upstairs,
so when it’s time for “school”,
they both dart for the stairs as if there is secret treasure up there…
There are bins filled with toys.
There are bins filled with educational/thematic resources.
There’s a table to do art, an easel where we practice writing…
But above all,
it’s a room filled with laughter, smiles and creativity.
It works for us.
And we are having fun.
It’s only our first week homeschooling.
I know there will be bumps along the road.
But it’s been a great start,
 and I look forward to all the adventures to come
in our School Room.