The Big Picture

My mind can not comprehend a lot at once, at least that is what my human self believes.  Most of the time, one piece at a time is what I think my mind can handle and what I think I need to do to put the puzzle together.  But that doesn’t always work, does it?  Especially if the puzzle has 500 + pieces.  I often have to look at the big picture on the box to get a sense of where each specific piece might fit.  Even then, it still takes time to allow the pieces to come together to complete a picture.  During this process there are moments of excitement and anticipation as the pieces come together.  At other times there is a feeling of frustration and exhaustion because I just can’t seem to understand how a piece fits with the big picture.  It’s quite a process.  Ever have this experience?

This morning I found myself taking a moment to look at the big picture.   For the past 5 years or so, life has felt like a lot of little pieces that just don’t seem to fit.  Many times I found myself asking the Lord, “Why?”.  “What was the purpose of this experience, that situation, that year?”  I was struck today, thinking about the next couple of weeks, thinking about where we (Brian and our family)  have been, where we are and where we seem to be headed.  Out of the blue, I looked up from the pieces laying in front of me and glanced at the big picture.  There they were, all the pieces, a part of the whole.  It struck me; how often I forget to look up, to step back, to allow the big picture to emerge.

The truth is, myself, my husband, my family… we would not be where we are now if it was not for the pieces of the past several years.  We could not be who we are without those experiences.  It has been through this journey we have been on; the joys, the heartaches, the mountains, the valleys… all of them; the good, the bad, the ugly… that has brought us here, that has shaped who we are today and how we live our lives as a Family on Mission.  Everything we have journeyed through, God has used to teach us, mold us, cleanse us, reshape us, discipline us and free us to be who we are today.

Don’t get me wrong.  We have no where near arrived to any kind of finish line.  We are disciples; learners, always on a journey, always growing, always changing.  We have much still to learn and polish.  We are not perfect and never will be until we arrive at Heaven’s gates.

But for today, I am humbled and grateful that the Lord of Heaven and Earth can see the big picture.  Although I don’t always have clarity on how each piece of my life fits into the big picture, He does.  And if I can remember to step back sometimes, to be still, to turn toward Him, He will give me glimpses of that big picture and every now and then I see how the piece fits into it all.

Have you glanced up lately, to catch a glimpse of the big picture?  Even if it is still a blur, don’t stop glancing.  He will reveal how the pieces fit.  It might take time, but the picture will begin to come together.  He will never leave you or forsake you.  That He promises!

Dearest Lord Jesus, God, Father, Savior, Friend!  On this journey of life, the road will sometimes be smooth and sometimes be quite rocky,  but we walk with confidence, hope and joy, for you have overcome this world and no matter what it hands us, you walk with us, molding us, teaching us, changing us and growing us into the people you desire for us to be.  Thank you.  Help us to trust you.  Remind us to keep our eyes on you, as you reveal to us the picture you see.  We love you so.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. Thanks. I’m not even trying to know where I’m going right now but know the lord will get me where sants me.

  2. Seeing pieces fit in many areas of our lives, but still one area where they are all sooo scattered. Thank you for this thoughtful message, dearest Michelle. Jesus’ perfect love casts out my fear 🙂

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