Michelle and I are part of a discipling movement called 3dMinistries. One of the things we have learned through that movement is the importance of modeling in discipling relationships. We follow Paul’s lead in 1 Corinthians 11:1 and simply invite people to follow our example, as we follow the example of Christ —even though our example is by no means perfect. The point is simply that discipling someone is more than an information exchange. It involves giving people access to our lives in such a way that they can see what we do in following Jesus and learn to do the same.

For some time now Michelle and I have taken on the discipline of getting up early in the morning to pray spend time reflecting on scripture. Our kids, however, don’t always make this practice very easy. They are early risers and it often seems like we can’t wake up early enough to get the time we need. It’s a challenge, but we stick with the discipline of it all. An interesting thing has happened over the last week, however. Zachary has taken a real interest in what we are doing. On Monday, when he came out of his room waaaaaaaaaay too early, we just prayed a little prayer together and I gave him my copy of the Daily Texts book I use. Even though he can’t read yet, he sat down on the couch with the book open and “read” for about 10 minutes. He’s done the same thing a few other times this week. Today Marin (our 3-year-old) joined in (again waaaaaaaaay too early) when she sat down with Michelle’s Bible and “read” during our morning time. We get up in the morning because we need and value that time. Until this week I’m not sure I had given much thought to how what we have been modeling for our kids might actually help them develop similar disciplines over time. Maybe I’m a little slow. Seems like I should have thought of that by now.

Thank you Jesus for meeting me in these morning times. Thank you for the way you speak to me in the quiet. Thank you for the way you are speaking to our kids through even our imperfect example of following you.


One thought on “Example

  1. May others see Jesus In our eyes, feel Jesus in our touch and hear Jesus in our voice so they will LISTEN ❤

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