Have you ever watched a Pelican?  I mean really watched one?  I’ve always noticed them.  It is hard not to.  They are powerful looking birds.  I have seen them but never really watched them until this past week.

Pelicans glide over water

The way they glide over the water is beautiful really.  They glide so effortlessly, so close, and sometimes they will even dip their wing into the water, but not enough to stop their ease of flight.  But then something interesting happens.  They being to lift, often going their own way, sometimes still following but not so close.

pelicans high 1

They fly high for a short while before they dive.  Now I don’t mean a gentle glide back to the surface to continue their breathtaking flight.  They actually make an abrupt dive, literally like a torpedo headed straight for it’s target.

diving pelican

I could not stop watching these amazing creatures.  And yes, it was a spiritual experience for me.  How often do I glide through my days, maybe not as smoothly as these birds can, but I still do it.  I glide, sometimes dipping my feet into the water, but often I just glide.  Days begin to blur.  My destination, target, purpose is foggy.  I am just trying not to hit the ground and tumble.  When I actually take the time to lift my head up, to take a break from my gliding, to step back, breathe and get a greater perspective, clarity comes.  Spending time with the Lord brings my focus back.  I find my purpose and my joy is renewed.  Christ does that when we spend time with Him, praying and listening.  Then it is up to me to dive in.  I could gently glide back down, careful not to upset the flow of things, or I could take a chance and dive.  When I do dive, I feel the energy, the exhilaration.  It’s still a bit scary at times, but it is so good.

These amazing birds reminded me of Rhythm.  To glide (work), to rest (abide) and to dive back in.  Where are you right now in your Rhythm?  Are you gliding?  Is it time to rest?  Are you ready to dive?  May Jesus draw us closer to him and renew our hearts and minds with purpose and joy.

Be Blessed,


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