I long for the unsettled me to calm down.

I long for the quiet, still small voice to make sound.

I long to know a place I can call home.

I long to watch my children root and grow.

I long to fully let go of the past.

I long to move into the future at last.

But these longing remove me from my present space.

It is here that I find deeper longings run this race.

For I long to see eyes awaken with light.

I long to see Kingdom breakthrough night.

I long for healing.

I long for peace.

I long for those in bondage to be released.

And to see the power of The Spirit abound,

I know I need to slow down.

So again and again, I will fall to my knees

and ask my Jesus to bring contentment to me.

That my longings would cause me to invest in the now,

To allow Him to use me the best He knows how.

And along this journey I take day by day,

My longings will bring joy

As I wait for the Lord,

And what He has in store.

One thought on “Longing

  1. This made me smile thru my tears, Michelle ❤ Very movingly beautiful ! Thank you for blessing me.

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