Yesterday was our son Zachary’s birthday.  He is six now, but his birth was an adventure to say the least.  He surprised us with his arrival 3 months before his due date.  Each year I post an updated version of the same picture on my facebook page… just to remember ho far he has come and to proclaim God’s miraculous healing power that we witnessed first hand in those early days and weeks of his life.  The outpouring of response never ceases to amaze me.

z ring age 6.001

April 24th is always a day when I am on the verge of tears.  I look back through the old pictures and I’m overwhelmed as I re-live that journey.  I will never, nor do I want to forget the way the community surrounded us in prayer.  The way people loved us through the hard times and celebrated each victory with us along the way.  We believe when we see God’s Kingdom breakthrough (as it did through the healing journey of Zachary’s birth) we are meant to share it!  So we share his story and ours.  We are thankful for the life of our son and we are thankful for the witness he bears to our awesome, amazing, incredible, loving God!

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