Read Hebrews 1:1-14

The Son perfectly mirrors God…

I feel like a lot of what I have been reading lately has been about discerning who God is, or discerning God’s voice, or affirming Jesus identity. What I keep landing on is the idea that we see God most clearly in and through the person of Jesus. We don’t have the benefit of him currently walking around in the flesh as he did in the 1st century, but we have been given the gift of scripture which points us to and paints a picture of Jesus. If scripture is truly living and active, then it is one of the ways we come to know Jesus. Not a new or radical revelation, but a strong affirmation of how important it is to engage with God in the ongoing story of scripture.

Additionally, I have felt a strong sense of urgency to engage more fully in the reality that scripture is not the only way people see and experience God. Again, not a new or radical revelation, but one that affirms the stirring in me to step more willingly on to the front lines… to allow people to meet Jesus through me. Jesus promised to leave his Spirit with us. That same Spirit resides in me and, more than ever before, I want to learn to be open to allow the Spirit to express himself through me. I’m tired of just talking about it, I want this to be my reality. I want people to see Jesus clearly by his work in and through my life.

When I look in the mirror, I want to see Jesus face more clearly each day. I want to step fully into the new life and the new identity I have in him.

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