12 Stones

Read Joshua 4:1-24

I remember several years ago watching a video series called, “That the World May Know” by Ray VanderLaan. In the series Ray takes students around to several different biblical archaeological sites and digs deeper into stories of scripture by explaining the context. It is a fascinating series. One of the episodes talks about this passage. A short summary of what he shared about the 12 stones can be found here:


These memorials were intended to be reminders of God’s faithfulness along the way. They were reminders of the times when God came through in the most unexpected and amazing ways. I know this never happens to us, but for them sometimes in times of struggle or doubt they needed reminders of the reality that God was for them, and that God had been with them even in their most impossible past.

How has God been faithful to us in the past? What do we do to remember God’s faithfulness in our present? How do we learn to trust in God’s faithfulness for our future? These aren’t meant to be rhetorical questions. Are there things that have happened along the way? Times when we can remember how God came through when all seemed lost or impossible? Are there memorials we need to build to remind us that God has been for us and with us in our past so that we might remember more fully that God is for and with us in our present and future?


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