Into the Night

Read John 13:18-30

Remember the story of Nicodemus in chapter 3? Several weeks back when we read that story we talked about how John uses the images of light and dark, day and night throughout his gospel. In this part of the story Judas, the well known “betrayer” of Jesus is literally dining alongside the light of the world. He forgets who he is (a follower and friend of Jesus) and choses to leave the light (Jesus) behind and go out into the night. Remember, night or darkness in Johns imagery literally meant, “a time of moral stupidity.” That sounds harsh, I know, but the reality was a harsh one. Judas willingly walked into the night and got lost there.

I think what gets under our skin in this story is not so much that it happened… but that it happens. It still does. In your life and in mine. Daily we make choices that betray our identity in Jesus. We do and say things that are not really any different than what Judas did that night. We willingly step into darkness when the light of the world is right here with us. Praise Jesus that his grace continually calls and welcomes us back into the light because none of us want to get lost in the dark.

How might our story be different today? How might we live more fully into our identity as children of the light? How might we make darkness flee instead of the other way around?

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