Nic Revisited…

Read John 7:45-52

Throughout John’s gospel, night and darkness represent stumbling and sin and blindness to the need for salvation.  Back in chapter 3 John introduced us to a man named Nicodemus came to Jesus at night (For more details on that story CLICK HERE and HERE).  Interestingly, the word in the original text that we translate as night, can also be translated as, “the time of moral stupidity and darkness” So, you could say that out of the moral stupidity or darkness of his life Nicodemus came to the Light of the world. And Jesus, the light of the world, exposed Nicodemus’ own need for salvation along with the need of all those living in darkness.

The Jewish ruling council was holding an emergency session to try to determine what to do with this Jesus who was stirring up so much trouble. This time, John mentions him as “Nicodemus, who had gone to Jesus before, and who was one of them…” he wasn’t yet fully living in the light… he had not yet let go of his status and position of power (even though the light had exposed his role in that position for what it was) but in this emergency meeting it seems like Nicodemus decided to step further into the light. The council was plotting how to get rid of Jesus, but Nicodemus, even though he was silenced quickly by his peers, spoke up on Jesus’ behalf. Learning to follow Jesus is an ongoing journey. It was for the 12, it was for Nicodemus and it is for all of us. Sometimes it just takes time to learn to live into the new identity we find in Jesus… it takes time to let go of our old way of living and live the new life we have been given by God’s grace. Nicodemus stepped further into the light that day.

We’ll meet Nicodemus again in Chapter 9 but for now, where are you on the journey?  Where might God be inviting/challenging you to step further into the light today?

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