Read John 6:60-71

Sometimes following Jesus is hard. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Don’t get me wrong, as we follow Jesus we learn the best possible way to live, but following Jesus also leads us to places and through experiences that we might never choose for ourselves. When the teaching gets hard or when the path gets tough, what do we do? How do we respond? In this text, most of the people left and went back to their old lives. Just a few verses back all seemed right in the world as 5000 people were fed as Jesus multiplied a small meal into a feast. A trip across the lake and a tough teaching later and all those people were gone. Everyone left but the the twelve.

What do you do when the teaching gets hard, or when it challenges your norm? What do you do when things go differently than you expect? Most people left that day, but some stayed… and kept on following Jesus.

I will follow you Jesus. No matter what/where/how you call… I will stay with you. To whom else would I go? You, Jesus, have the words of eternal life.

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