The Lord Needs It

Read Luke 19:28-44

As they were untying the colt, its owners asked them, “Why are you untying the colt?” They said, “The Lord needs it.”

The Lord needs it. I think I might try this strategy down at the car dealership sometime. Maybe I can walk up to a nice truck or sports car and just drive it off the lot. When the dealer (or the police) question why I took it I’ll just say, “The Lord needs it”.

Some of the stories we read in scripture are a little bit funny when we think about them in our own context. This one, if set in modern day Charlotte, NC would probably include an alarm going off on the donkey, a 911 call, and a high speed chase. Regardless of the context the phrase, the Lord needs it” got my attention this morning.

For this “Palm Sunday” story to happen, Jesus needed the colt, and this triumphal entry is an essential part of Jesus’ story. It was a fulfillment of prophecy and an important step on his journey to the cross. He needed a colt, and those who had one offered it freely.

What do I have, or what can I do that God can use or that God might need to further his story in this world? How might God take my life and advance the Kingdom through the gifts and talents and abilities I have?

Whatever you need, Lord. If I have it, it’s yours. Catch me up in your story, Jesus.

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