Kiss it Good-bye… and Say, Hello

Read Luke 14:25-35

“Simply put, if you’re not willing to take what is dearest to you, whether plans or people, and kiss it good-bye, you can’t be my disciple.” (Luke 14:33 MSG)

If I’m being honest, sometimes I want scripture to say different things than it does. Sometimes I feel like it would have been nice if everything could have been summed up in a nice, neat little package that is easy to understand and that be it. But its not always easy. Sometimes scripture is hard to understand. Sometimes, like with our text for today, the message of scripture isn’t hard to understand, but it is hard to follow and live. There’s nothing complicated or cryptic about what Jesus says here. It is just hard.

Like most people, I like the idea of following Jesus but when it comes to letting go of people or plans or whatever I hold dear I don’t really want to do that any more than the next person. It would be much simpler if God would just conform to my image, rather than the other way around. Wouldn’t it?

When we consider following Jesus, it seems like eventually we always come to this kind of crossroads. We come to a place where we have to make choices about the way we live — about the rhythm of life in which we live, and what we do with our resources. We come to a place where we are challenged to step beyond the place where it seems safe and comfortable and move forward in faith. `The challenge is obvious, but don’t miss that it comes in the context of Jesus inviting us to share his life… to share in the provision, protection, wholeness, healing, etc. that comes from Jesus’ unity with the Father (see John 17).

No, following Jesus doesn’t always look the way we want or expect. Sometimes it means kissing people and plans good-bye. But it also means saying hello to a life of endless possibilities as we learn to follow in faith.

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