Summertime Rhythm

Hi everyone!  
Happy Summer!
I have missed writing.
Brian is working on a new website/blog for me,
and I admit, I have been waiting for it to be done.
He keeps reminding me that I do still have this blog.
So, I thought I would write a bit today.
I love summer.
It’s been busy, wacky, exhausting and a super fun one so far.
Summer definitely has it’s own rhythm.
It’s amazing how much a creature of habit I am.
I love routine.  I love rhythm.
Summer always teaches me a lesson in control.
I love to have control.
But during the Summer, I often do not.
Well, if I am honest, I don’t much during the rest of the year either!
But the “school-year” does have a more rhythmic rhythm,
 if that makes sense.
It can be stressful to me, 
but I am reminding myself to relax a bit.
As a family, we still pay attention to our calendar.
It’s important to us that we don’t overextend ourselves 
and burn out the kids (and us).
It’s easy to do.
And personally, 
I am working hard to pay attention to my UP relationship with Jesus.
It’s important to me that I do not neglect it 
and allow Summer’s own rhythm to take over.
Again, it’s easy to do.
Life does not really slow down.
Only we slow down, when we choose to.
It’s a discipline.
It’s an essential discipline and one that fills me with energy and joy.
Spending time with the Lord is not an option to me.
I just can not function fully if I am not connected to the Vine.
I wither and I do not bear fruit.
Jesus warns us and yet so easy it is to try to bear fruit on our own.
Then we wonder why we feel so stressed, exhausted and out of control.
I am reminded of this today,
as I have not been very good with my UP time this past week.
My heart yearns for it.  I miss it when it is not there.
It’s my lifeline.
He is my life.
Today I am thankful for Summertime
and it’s wacky, fun rhythm.
And I am thankful for my God, who is with me always
and welcomes me back when I stray.
I am enjoying summer this year.
It always goes by so fast, but I am enjoying every moment;
being with my family and abiding with my Savior.
I pray you are enjoying it all too!
Find that discipline, receive that joy and bear much fruit dear friends!
Bear much fruit!
“Remain in me, as I also remain in you.  
No branch can bear fruit by itself; 
it must remain in the vine.  
Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.
I am the vine; you are the branches. 
If you remain in me and I in you,
you will bear much fruit;
apart from me you can do nothing.”
John 15: 4-5

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