Marks of Discipleship – Worship

Marks of Discipleship – PoWeR SuRGe (PWRSRG).  Disciples of Jesus seek to…

  • PRAY daily
  • WORSHIP weekly
  • READ the Bible
  • SERVE at and beyond St. Martin
  • Be in RELATIONSHIPS that encourage spiritual growth
  • GIVE of time, talents and resource

This week I want to continue working our way through these marks of discipleship by looking deeper into the second practice:  WORSHIP.  Disciples are committed to WORSHIP as a lifestyle (more on this next week)  and a significant way we express this lifestyle happens when we gather each week as a community of faith.  But what is WORSHIP?  It seems like a simple question, but its worth taking the time to clarify before we move forward.

There are many forms and styles of WORSHIP and WORSHIP can and should happen beyond just our services on Sunday mornings.  What is key in WORSHIP is simply this:  However we express WORSHIP, what matters is that God is both the subject and object of what we do.  Another way of saying it is, WORSHIP is about God, not about us.  That being said, it is interesting what happens when disciples draw their attention fully to God in WORSHIP.  We become more fully aware of God’s ongoing presence with us, more aware of the truth of God’s promises, more certain of who we are in Christ, and more open to God’s authority and power being expressed both in and through our lives.  When disciples understand that WORSHIP is about God not us, it both nurtures our character as believers and forming us to be the kind of people who reach out in service to the world.  But when we strive for these things as our outcome and make them our reason for gathering we usually end up falling flat.

So as we gather this week, fix your eyes on Jesus and WORSHIP with all that you have and all that you are.

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