Last week I shared a simple acronym to help us remember the basic foundational practices of those who seek to live active lives of faith as disciples of Jesus.  PoWeR SuRGe (PWRSRG).  Disciples of Jesus seek to…

  • PRAY daily
  • WORSHIP weekly
  • READ the Bible
  • SERVE at and beyond St. Martin
  • Be in RELATIONSHIPS that encourage spiritual growth
  • GIVE of time, talents and resource

This week I want to begin working our way through these marks of discipleship by looking at first practice.  Disciples are committed to PRAY.

In almost 20 years of ministry I have found the primary challenge that people face in engaging in an active prayer life is simply this:  They don’t know how to pray.  No one ever taught them.  For many, they understand prayer as something that pastors do or that people with a stronger faith do… but not something that they can do.

The problem of not knowing how to pray is not a new one.  In Luke 11, the disciples did not know how to pray so they asked Jesus to teach them… and he did.  He said, “ ‘When you pray, say…” and he went on to teach them a model of prayer that we know as “The Lord’s Prayer.”  We pray it together in worship every Sunday.  There is a lot that can be said about what Jesus taught them, and we will talk further about that later, but the point I want to make today is simply this:  The disciples didn’t know… so they asked… Jesus taught them… and they learned.  The disciples learned to pray by asking someone who knew—Jesus. Then they modeled their prayer lives after his.  If you struggle to pray and you want to learn, who might you ask to teach you?  Who do you know that prays faithfully in the way that Jesus taught that you might model as you learn?  If your prayer life is already strong, who can you invite to follow your lead?  Who might you teach?

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