Sound. Silence. Rhythm.

If you listen for it, you can find rhythm just about anywhere.  You can find rhythm in a basketball being dribbled, or in a pen clicking in the cubicle next to you.  You can find rhythm in the pecking of a keyboard on a computer, or in the whir of tires on the road, or raindrops falling.  You can find rhythm just about anywhere.  Rhythm is both sound and silence put together to form repeated patterns.

If you read the story of Jesus in scripture (especially in Mark’s gospel), one of the things that you may begin to notice is his life follows a rhythm — a pattern of work and rest… abiding and bearing fruit.  Jesus wasn’t lazy.  He spent lots of time and energy teaching and preaching and healing the sick, but it also seems that he made abiding and rest an equal priority.  Sound and silenceRhythm. Here’s an example:  In Mark 2 Jesus heals a paralytic man and then heads out to the lake by himself.  Sound.  Silence.  Rhythm.  The people come to him at the lake.  He teaches them and then goes on his way.  Sound.  Silence.  Rhythm.   Along the way he calls Levi as his disciple.  He goes to Levi’s house for dinner.  Sound.  Silence.  Rhythm.

This is only one example, but you get the point.  Jesus valued both work and rest, and he demonstrated that in the way that he lived.  Our work matters.  In fact, the first command to all of creation in Genesis was to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28.)  But interestingly in the same creation story, God created Adam on the 6th day and the first thing Adam experienced was the 7th day… a day of rest.  Sound.  Silence.  Rhythm… right from the dawn of creation.  I wonder if God might have something for us in both our times of work and our times of rest.  What might it look like for you and me to learn to live in a healthy rhythm between work and rest?

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