Truth in the Tinsel – Day 24 – THE LORD IS COME!!!

The day was here!
Our final clue.
The arrival of baby Jesus!
Christmas Eve.
What a perfect clue for this day!
How easily it is to forget what Jesus came to do.
Not that Christmas should be filled with sadness or grief!
But to rejoice that he came as a babe for us specifically,
with a purpose to redeem us and save us.
The beauty and power of his birth
was so present to us this year.
Jesus came to die,
and to conquer death!
Jesus came that we might have life!
He came to show us how to love and live abundantly
and to give us new life.
It brought me great joy to bring our Advent journey to an end
with such a conversation with my son.
And so on this day,
Christmas Eve,
we made a cross and gave thanks for our Savior.
With joy, we took baby Jesus from our Advent Calendar
and put him in the manger.
It was very exciting indeed!
What a beautiful journey it has been this Advent season.
There really are no words, even though I have written many in these posts,
to truly describe what we experienced through this journey.
Focusing on the story like we have this year brought us to a special place 
come Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,
in our hearts and in our minds.
And with further anticipation,
we walk into a New Year,
ready to see all that Jesus will do in our lives,
continuing to learn from him and walking with him
 towards the cross and his resurrection.
Let’s go!

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