Truth in the TInsel – Day 17, 18 & 19 – On the Hillside

I loved these three days!
The way they tied together was marvelous
and the fact that this part of the Christmas Story is one of my favorites,
well, that made it even more fun.
I think I just really appreciated that we had 3 days to spend
really letting this part sink in.
Day 17 was all about sheep.
The shepherds were watching their sheep that night in the fields on the hillside.
We read in Scripture about how the shepherds were so afraid.
We wondered how the sheep felt?
Did they feel safe knowing their shepherds were close by or did they run away?
hmmm… how do we react is uncertain situations?
Do we recognize that the Shepherd is with us?
Making the sheep was a little more difficult, so I wound up the string
and Z put on the face, eyes and feet.
Super cute!
Our Advent calendar brought us another sheep, of course!
Day 18 continued on the hillside…
God’s messengers came to tell the good news to shepherds.
Shepherds were not thought of as wonderfully educated people then.
So how wonderful was it that God thought them so special 
that they would receive the good news before anyone else?!
A great reminder of the way God sees his children.
These angels were wonderful!
We loved how they were a whimsical and a bit mysterious.
Had to use our imaginations to really picture what an angel might look like.
I think that is what God intends.
As we talked about angels, we imagined the beauty and brightness,
the kind that brought warmth and fear all at the same time.
Can you picture it?
Our Advent Calendar brought us a shepherd.
Day 19 – the story continues on the hillside outside of 
At this point in the story, 
we read in Scripture about how the shepherds took off for town,
seeking the babe wrapped and cozy in a manger.
We imagined what it must have been like.
It must have been incredible because the Shepherds did not stop there,
they ran around telling everyone of the good news!
Loved the Shepherd!
Our Advent Calendar brought us two more shepherds.
Marin enjoyed playing with them often.
We used our Jesus Storybook Bible to experience and talk about the shepherds.
We love the Jesus Storybook Bible.
The pictures and the way she tells the story are fabulous.
Makes you feel like you were right there.
A great 3 days! 
We could hardly wait to get to the rest of the clues!
Zachary kept saying,
“I wonder what tomorrow’s clue will be?!”

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