Truth in the Tinsel – Day 12 & 13

To Bethlehem we go…
Day 12 was about the Census.
The ornament was actually a very clever way of bringing it all together.
We took a bag of rice, and used food coloring to make it green.
Zachary picked green.
When it was dry, we filled a baby food jar 3/4 of the way full.
We then added marbles, glued the cover on and painted it green.
The end result was 2 marble faces in a sea of green rice…
Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem which was full of people!
So, you shake up the jar and try to find our two characters in the sea of people.
Like I said, very clever!
Our Advent Calendar gave us a donkey, of course.
It went right along with the scripture we read for today.
Zachary and Marin put him right to work!
Love it!
Day 13 continued the Bethlehem theme.
It focused more on the fact that there were so many people,
finding a place to stay was not easy.
The ornament was made of an egg carton.
Zachary painted it.
And we turned it into a part of Bethlehem town.
Pretty cool.
Our Advent Calendar brought us “Straw” for our stable.
We are getting closer and closer!

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