Truth in the Tinsel – Day 10

Day 10 
Clue – Dream
Ornament – Pillow
Any guesses?
Today was one of those days when Zachary found the clue first thing in the morning.
So, we are still in PJs.
I love that he is this excited about it.
Granted, some days he loses interest faster than others,
but he always loves to find the clue.
This was a little bit tricky to put together.
Can you tell by his facial expressions?
But it did turn out cute!
And it even looks like a pillow.
Figure it out yet?
The pillow is Joseph’s.
The dream is when the angel came to visit him,
to tell him to not be afraid to marry Mary.
Zachary thought it was very cool that 3 people got visits from angels so far;
Zechariah, Mary and now Joseph.
I love that we are really getting to see the story lived out through these ornaments.
We are meeting the characters, connecting them all to baby Jesus
and watching the whole event unfold.
Our Advent Calendar brought us a story book today.
It’s a super cute story which you can sing if you know the song.
“I said the donkey, shaggy and brown…”

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