God of Abundance

This past weekend for me was largely consumed with things like the church finance team and council meetings where we worked through the difficult task of compiling what will become our proposed budget for St. Martin for 2012.  It’s tough to dream God sized dreams, only to be brought back to earth by the challenge of a tough economy and a diminishing bank account.  Honestly, it was a bit discouraging.  In my morning prayer time each day, however, I use a book called, Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals.  It is a collection of prayers and scriptures for each day, many of which God has used to challenge and/or encourage me, particularly over the last several months.  I highly recommend it as a resource for anyone who wants to pray and read scripture with regularity.  Anyway, on Tuesday morning during my prayer time one of the prayers for the day was this,

“God of abundance, help us live today trusting that there will be enough for tomorrow. Your sources have no end. Teach us to share our resources, believing that the more we give, the more you will provide for all.”

For me, reading this and praying this was a reminder of how God time and time again assures us of his provision.  God’s provision doesn’t always fall neatly in to place or exactly in the way we envision or expect it, but God ALWAYS provides for his people, and as I reflect back on my own life this has certainly been true.  So for me, this prayer served as an encouragement to keep dreaming.  Yes, times are difficult.  Yes, our financial resources as a church are not without limit, but our God is still and always will be a God of abundance.  God’s sources never end, and as his people and his Church we can continue share what we have, trusting that God will not only provide for us, but for all.  So as we move forward together in ministry, I invite you to pray with me that we will continue to place our trust in God and dream with hope and expectation of what God will accomplish both in and through our church community.

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