Truth in the Tinsel

I love Christmas.
I love everything about it;
lights, trees, music, movies and TV specials, cookies, eggnog…
I love it all!
It’s a blessing to share all these fun things with my family during this season.
It’s not hard to have fun at Christmas Time.
My kiddos LOVE seeing lights
and Z’s new favorite song is “the fa la la la la la song”.
They can’t keep their hands off the Christmas Tree,
and they love carrying the stuffed snowmen around the house.
(I collect snowmen, so our house has a lot of them!)
Seeing the joy in the eyes of my children fill me up.
But this year, as Christmas drew closer,
I had a deep desire to get to the heart of it all.
I want them to know Jesus.
And not just know him, but anticipate his arrival,
celebrate his birth and give thanks for the gift of his life.
I want this season to be saturated in the true Joy of Christmas.
As I searched around for resources to help me do just that,
I stumbled, literally, upon Truth in The Tinsel.
This Advent Ebook has transformed our Christmas preparations.
And I mean that, whole heartedly.
EVERY day we are reading parts of the Scripture Story.
And Zachary will NOT let a day go by without it.
Every morning, he looks for the day’s clue.
He rips open the envelope to find out what the ornament for the day will be.
We read the scripture and listen for the clue word,
then we put together the ornament and hang it on our small tree.
To go along with this,
Every day there is a new item hanging from our advent calendar.
These items are helping us put together a Nativity Scene.
We are having so much fun with this that I decided to blog about it.
If for nothing else, than to document our journey towards Christmas.
I hope to be able to keep up with it.
I don’t find a lot of time to be blogging these days.
But I really want to capture some of the moments and the conversations.
They have been fantastic!
I hope you will enjoy reading about it all.
Maybe, just maybe, our journey will pull you into the heart of it all,
through the eyes of children.
Merry Christmas
and Joy to you in the journey!

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