Truth in the Tinsel – Light

Day one with Truth in the Tinsel.
Our clue was a candle.
People who walked in darkness, saw a great light.
Jesus is the Light of the World!
Our first ornament was a tissue paper candle.
It really looks beautiful on the tree.
Hanging from our Advent calendar was a book.
We read that before we did anything else.
It’s a great little story that brings the focus on baby Jesus.
A great way to begin!
This was our first day.
Zachary was interested, but keeping his attention was not easy.
We read the scripture and talked about it while we were making the ornament,
but I was wondering the whole time if he would get it and remember it.
Low and behold,
at dinner that night he was telling daddy all about his ornament.
He told daddy that,
“Jesus is the light of the world because people were walking in darkness;
they were hitting and kicking each other
so Jesus came to teach them how to love.”
I almost fell off my chair!
(laughing and in awe!)
My heart was so full at that moment.
He heard it
He remembered it.
Perhaps this journey towards Christmas
will be one we will never forget…

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