Fall in North Carolina has just been amazing this year.
The weather, for one, has been incredible.
I think I have had our windows open more this month than I have all summer.
But then there are the colors.
The earth has been on fire here.
Reds, yellows, oranges…
(the pic above is from our back yard)
I wish I had a load of pictures to share with you.
Everywhere I went I would be kicking myself for not having my camera with me.
Of course, it’s probably not a great idea to try to snap a photo when you are driving a car.
There is a tree on our way to church that stands alone next to a field.  
For the longest time it looked like a burning bush.
The colors moved from bright red, to deep blood red to hot glowing orange.
It was magnificent!
I just can’t help but wonder what went through God’s mind as he created the earth.
There is just so much color.
Birds, bugs, animals, flowers, bushes, trees…
They have vibrant colors, a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns…
I am very thankful that this year I was so aware of creation.
I stand in awe of all that God has made.
It is beautiful and so good.
And so I continue to stand in that beauty and good.
Although there is ugliness and darkness all around,
I will stand aware, that God is here.
His Kindgom is come.
He is working, and painting and creating every day.
Newness, hope, beauty and splendor.
Thanks be to God!

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