The Pictures

In my devotions this morning, Beth Moore asked to imagine 
that God has filled your mansion in glory with framed pictures.
Not just any pictures, but pictures of you life, snapshots of the mountains and valleys.
The difference between these framed pictures and ones we might have in our home
is that the pictures in our Mansion show Christ in each one.
An image we did not see with our naked eye when we were living through it.
Can you picture this?
It really struck me.  
I imagined walking into my mansion and being frozen in place,
staring at the photographs on the wall;
times in my life when my face was filled with joy and my heart was singing,
times in my life when I was on my knees, times when all I could do was curl up in bed and weep.
In every picture, there He is; Jesus.
Can you see yourself standing in the entryway of your mansion?
Do you see the pictures?
What comes to your mind?
I see my birth.  He is there.
I see my wedding day.  His smile…
One picture that chokes me up is the one of Brian and I in the NICU,
holding 2lb Zachary skin to skin, praying for life…
There are so many pictures,
ones I remember and ones I tried to forget.
But there they are.
And in each one, is Jesus.
I just had to write about this today.
It struck me deeply.
I do not know what my “mansion” will look like.
I do know that Jesus says he is preparing a place for us.
And when we get “there”,
 I believe that the realization of God’s love for us will overwhelm us.
But I pray that I will be overwhelmed today,
and that I will see snapshots of my life now with new eyes,
remembering that no matter what the circumstance,
Jesus is there.
I also pray that you will  know his presence today
and see him clearly in your life’s snapshots. 
Lord, you promise that you will be with us to the end of the age.
How easily I allow life to cloud my vision.
Help me to see you in all circumstances,
and to know that in all things,
I can do everything through you who gives me strength.

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