Yes, this is an actual picture of my coupon book.
I spent a couple of days organizing my coupons for Super Doubles at HT this week.
I have become a bit of a coupon fanatic, 
but not nearly obsessed as some can be
and not always as good at getting most for your money like some are,
but I do enjoy it and appreciate the benefits!
After we moved to NC in 2008, 
I decided to get serious about using coupons.
I’ve always used them.
 I would cut out what I wanted and what I needed.
No real strategy, just thought it was good to use them.
Saving money is good, right?!
Once we started having children,
and I began to stay at home,
I wanted to do what I could to save and do it right.
So I decided to take a couple of workshops.
Did I learn a thing or two!
There are some great “secrets” to using coupons and getting the most out of them.
I really had no idea!
But once I began to learn the “secrets” to really using them,
I could not believe what I had been missing out on!
I was getting in the groove quite well before I had Marin,
and then I let it fall to the wayside.  
Now I am back at it and having fun again!
Here is my HT shopping trip today.
$80 worth of groceries for $13.97!!!!!
It’s actually not hard at all.
It may take a little work, depending upon how you want to keep coupons.
I clip mine and put them in a binder so we can use them anytime.
Some people just file the whole coupon insert from the paper.
When HT has super doubles or triples, 
then I gather the ones I want,
and thanks to wonderful people like my friend Mandy from
I compare online what I have to what is on sale and worth using.
Many people, like Mandy, make lists online for you showing what is on sale,
 which coupon to use, which weekly coupon insert it comes from
 and how much it will cost in the end.
I compile my own list and head to the store!
This was my best shopping trip yet.  
Sometimes I get great deals, 
sometimes I don’t have the right coupons.
Either way, I really love saving the money.
Just had to write about it, because if you use coupons here or there
or don’t but have thought about using them,
I will attest to the fact that if you learn how to really use them,
they will change the way you shop, for the good!
If you are interested in learning more,
check out Mandy’s website. 
She does Couponing 101 workshops, and I learned the most from her.
She is actually going to be doing a blog series soon that relates to her workshop.
She is a great saver and a fantastic person!
Blessings friends and Happy Shopping!

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