Hot Cross Buns

My father-in-law brought us hot cross buns yesterday.
Ones he made himself. 
I humbly admit, this was the first time I have ever had one.
They are delicious!
I am actually enjoying one now with some hot tea.
I googled “Hot Cross Buns” this morning just to learn more about these delicious little guys.
Here is a link about Hot Cross Buns.
I will admit, one of my favorite parts of this description is the “Superstitions”
Even though I am not really superstitious, I may just have to start one of them myself,
 just because I love the ideas!

It might sound a bit cheesy, 
but I feel like I am participating in a very special tradition as I enjoy mine.
It’s not Good Friday yet.
It’s not yet Easter, but this morning I find that I am drawn into the story a little bit more.
Yes, just by eating this little bread with a cross on it.
This Sunday begins Holy Week.
Jesus enters Jerusalem full well knowing what is ahead for him.
But he continues onward.
All because he sees my face, your face, the faces of his children.
He faces his death so that we may live forgiven,
filled with hope of a God who loves us and who cares for us.
In the craziness of life, I find hope and joy.
I am humbled as I eat this little bread,
remembering how my Savior saved my life.
I think I will make these little guys a family tradition for us.
I guess I will have to take some baking lessons from my father-in-law 🙂
A blessed Holy Week to you all!

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