How does your garden grow?

 Oh Spring!
I LOVE Spring.
It’s one of my favorite seasons of the year.
Today I worked my garden.
Pulled the weeds, tilled the soil and
added a few feet to it too.
There is just something for me about working the earth,
breaking the ground, ripping out the bad stuff, adding the good stuff,
planting seeds, tending to them and watching them grow and bare “fruit”,
in this case, veggies!
It’s just therapeutic and beautiful,
and the perfect thing to do this season of the year,
for not only is it Springtime, 
but it is also Lent.
Did you know the word Lent actually means spring?
It comes from an old English word; lencten
Couldn’t be more perfect, don’t you think?
As I walk through Lent, remembering what Jesus did for me,
and looking at my own life where sin needs pruning,
I am lead on a journey of renewal and new life.
A journey through death to Easter! 
Sin is washed away, satan is defeated and new life is given to us.
Jesus is Risen!
As I tend to my garden this Spring,
I am also tending to my own heart;
ripping out the bad stuff with discipline and lots of prayer,
and adding the good stuff by
planting seeds through Scripture, worship and fellowship,
tending to them daily in devotion and quiet time with Jesus
 and watching the fruit that grows from being connected to the vine;
Jesus himself.

May you also experience renewal and new life this Spring.
And may Jesus bear amazing, wonderful fruit in you and through you.
If you allow him to, he will. That he promises!
I love this time of year!!
A blessed Lent and a beautiful Easter I wish for you all!
Happy Spring!

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