On Mother’s Lap

This is a cute little story about a boy who wants to rock on mother’s lap with his dolly, and his boat, and his blanket and the puppy.  But when his baby sister wants to sit too, he says there is no room.  Mom explains that there is always room “On Mother’s Lap.”
The story hit home not too long ago when Marin, now walking and expressing what she wants, tried to crawl up on my lap when Zachary was on it.  He was pretty gracious, but it reminded me of this book so I got the book out and we have been reading it every so often.   
This morning was a lazy Saturday morning.  Brian and I slept in a bit, but nevertheless at 6:30 AM, a little boy climbed into our bed.  Today, instead of taking him back to his own bed, we let him snuggle in with us.  As we snuggled together I was overwhelmed with this little life beside me. Often in the evenings he climbs into our bed and falls asleep.  Lately when I have picked him up to take him to his room, I have noticed how long he is getting.  I’ve even stopped in front of the mirror to look at myself holding my almost 4 year old.  Where does the time go?
This lazy Saturday morning I am reminded of how beautiful and precious this momma’s lap is.  I want to love and hug and snuggle with my kiddos as long as they will allow me to do so.  And they can bring their toys, blankets, dolls and trains because there will always be room on this mother’s lap!

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