Covenant and Kingdom

Ok, so I am reading Covenant and Kingdom by Mike Breen
and it is rocking my world!
It’s not a hard read at all.
In fact, it’s quite simple and yet so profound.
There is so much more in the book than I could ever write here, 
but I’ll try to give you a peak;
(and it’s really a limited peak)
“Covenant is all about relationship: the word means “to become one.”  God’s desire was that, when anyone looked at us, they would see him.   Covenant is the way in which the Bible describes and defines relationship: first our relationship with God and then our relationship with everyone else.” – Mike Breen
“Kingdom is the way in which the Bible describes and defines responsibility:  first our responsibility to represent God to the people we know and then to everyone else.  Kingdom follows covenant because responsibility always follows relationship.  Our fundamental responsibility was to represent God.” – Mike Breen
Mike Breen has been leading me on a journey through the lives of Adam and Eve, Abraham and Moses.   I am about to continue that journey through the life of David and then Jesus.
Like I have said, there is way too much in this book to truly share with you how it is changing me. 
All I know, is that through the window of this book, 
God is speaking to my heart.
He is reminding me that I have been created out of love.
He designed me to be in relationship with him, 
and if I will completely dive into that relationship,
fully give my life to him,
he can then show me all he has in store for me and for his Kingdom through me.
I share this with you because my God is your God.
He loves you and desires a relationship with you as well.
And he has so much in store for you!
As Christmas approaches, what better time to focus in on the covenant relationship God has desired with us from the beginning?  He loves us so much, that he sent himself in his son, as a baby, to be born and live among the people to remind us once again that he loves us!   He came here, to us!  Amazing love!  
May you hold the Christ-child close to your heart this Christmas,
remembering the Covenant God made with his people from the beginning;
to live with him, fellowship with him, walk with him in the Garden of Life.
And if you are looking for a new book to read this New Year,
I strongly recommend Covenant and Kingdom by Mike Breen.
Perhaps it will rock your world like it is mine – 
and that is not a bad thing!!!
Blessings, dear family and friends
and Merry Christmas!

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