Who’s at the center?

Advent is here.
A time of waiting and preparing for the coming King.
Christmas is upon us.
A time of celebration and busyness
getting ready for the joy and wonder of Christmas Day.
As I enter this Advent and Christmas season,
I feel like my life is in a bit of chaos.
There are unknowns and changes happening all around me.
None of it is really bad, there just seems to be so much of it.
Right now I am not stressed or feeling out of control,
but I face that path every day.
There is a sense of fear, but it’s not overwhelming me.
And I am praying that it will not begin to.
I believe there is a saying somewhere to be careful what you ask for
because you may just get it?!
Well, I have been very intentional lately, probably out of fear of the unknown,
to really pray about how to handle all this chaos I see.  
What should I do with it?  How should I react to it?
And, well, God has been speaking to my heart.
He hasn’t been giving me a step by step plan, 
which this human would love (!),
but challenging me in letting go of “what I would like”
(the step by step plan) 
and allowing him to work.
During my early morning readings lately,
I have been feeling challenged to really take a look at who is at the center of my life.
Who is at the center of my hopes, dreams and vision.
Because if it is me, and it usually is,
well, I am not sure I have the strength to make it all happen.
Life happens around me and my human-ness gets the better of me.
In Covenant and Kingdom, Mike Breen writes;
“We may not see the complete fulfillment of all our hopes and dreams in the “hear and now.”  But if we walk in submission and weakness, we will come to know His authority and power.  In time, this will lead to a greater confidence in the present and greater courage for the future.”
It’s a process.
Immediate answers and “fixes” of the chaos would be great,
but that is not what God desires.
He actually wants to change us from the inside out.
He wants us to grow in confidence and courage so that every time we face chaos in life,
which in all honesty, happens way to often in my life,
we can stand in humble confidence,
knowing that we are not alone and we don’t have to figure it all out on our own.
Thank you, God!!!!
So as I enter this Advent and Christmas season,
My heart is convicted to move me out of the center and focus on the one who really matters; Jesus. 
What greater season of the year to do this in?
 “For unto us a child is born,
unto us a son is given.”
And I believe that if we allow Him to be our center,
that if we completely surrender our desire to “make it happen” our way,
Amazing changes will happen.
It might take some time, and it might be more internal than external,
but it will happen.
I end with a prayer and word of encouragement to you as written by Mike Breen in Covenant and Kingdom;
“Dear friends, even though you struggle, choose the path of surrender.
Stay on that path even though your heart has been broken by a vision that appears to have died.
Lift your disappointment to him,
knowing that in this you will find his touch of Mercy, and in his time, fulfillment.”
May you make Jesus your center.
And may he transform your heart in courage and humble confidence.
Blessings to you this Christmas!

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