Like a child

The other day I put on a Praise Baby DVD that my sister and her family gave Marin as a Baptism gift.  It’s actually a great DVD.  
Very much like Baby Einstein, but to worship and praise songs.
She will sit there mesmerized by it,
but what touches my heart the most is what you see in the pic above.
She literally sits there with her hand raised,
like she knows exactly who this music praises.
Last night I was reading in Cold Tangerines by Shauna Neiquist
(one of my all-time favorite books!)
She was reflecting on how her newborn son connected her to God;
“I think babies really do make you believe in God.  They make you believe in God because there’s something just beyond understanding about their freshness and fragility and their smell and their toes…you know, you just know in your guts that God is real, and that babies have been with him more recently, have come more directly from him than our worn-out old selves have.”

I like to imagine that Marin knows, when she hears that music and those words,
what it is like to stand with a multitude singing praises to our God.
How quickly we grow up, becoming too busy to remember.
Dearest Jesus,
May I never miss what children can teach me,
those whom you specifically say we must become like to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
(Matthew 18:3)
May I become like a child,
living life with energy, enthusiasm and praise,
Always and forever lifting my hands to you.
By the way, ask someone from our church and they will tell you she does it during worship too!

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