A Mother’s Heart

I have been reading this week from 1 Samuel.
As a mother, I have become emotionally attached to Hannah.
Not in an unhealthy way,
but in a beautiful, admirable way.
In 1 Samuel we first meet Hannah.
She is married to a man who is also married to another.
The other is a mother.
Hannah is not.
Her husband wants her to be “filled” with his love.
The other wife simply wants to taunt her.
She desires children, but has none.
In a desperate, yet faithful prayer she boldly asks the Lord to give her a child whom in return she will dedicate to Him and His service.
And her prayer comes to be.
After the child is weaned, Hannah takes him to the House of the Lord.
Customarily, women in Hannah’s day would nurse their children until the age of 3.
After 3 years of loving and caring for the son she prayed for, she took him to the House of the Lord,
to stay, to live, to learn all he could to serve the Lord.
And what did Hannah do then?
I am sure she wept some, but what the Scriptures recorded was a song of praise.
1 Samuel 2:1-11
My son is 3.
I can not imagine leaving him anywhere and I am thankful that the Lord does not ask me to do so.
But I can and desire to bring him up in wisdom and love for Jesus.
I believe He does ask that of me.
Hannah is my present inspiration 
during a time of crazy preschool years;
energy beyond control,
independence vs obedience,
being a 3 year old and beyond!
In the times when my patience is thin and my body is weary,
I will praise Him,
for the breath I breathe,
for the life I live,
for the husband I love
and for the children I get to raise.
May our hearts be ever full with love and praise for our Lord.
Dearest Jesus, 
thank you for the pictures that are provided for us in Scripture,
for the life stories of those that inspire, humble and encourage us in our walk of faith.
Help me to be the wife and mother that my family needs and deserves.
May I love my children, guide them, and teach them
always with the end in mind;
knowing that one day they will walk out my door into life on their own.
May the seeds I plant grow deep in their hearts
that they will  forever know you and your love for them.

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