Apple Cake

Zachary wanted to do some “mixing” today,
so we made up some apple cake.
It takes a little work when you bake with a kiddo
(and sometimes a little more clean up :),
but it was just so much fun!!
My favorite moment was when he exclaimed,
“I love mixing with you, mommy!”
Yep, my heart melted.
And then, of course, my other favorite part was eating it.
Not just because it was so yummy, which it was,
but because with EVERY bite Zachary sighed,
“My apple cake is so good!”
“mmmm mmmm mmmm!”
So when you just need something different to do with your kiddo(s),
get out some baking gear, slip on an Apron
and have some messy, yummy fun!
Cookin’ with your kiddos, It’s good for the soul!
Have fun!
This Apple Cake recipe is actually Tastefully Simple’s Nana’s Apple Cake Mix.
It’s absolutely delicious!

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