"professional strength"

So our bathroom sink is clogged.  Badly.
The thing is, this is the only sink in the house 
which I have had to unclog more than once or twice.
It’s bad today.
I used “professional strength” drain cleaner this morning.
Not helping much as of now.
I think I might have to use a second bottle.
Don’t even like to think about what is causing this.
Oh, but it makes me think of my heart.
Not really about the physical stuff.
Don’t get me wrong, I am all about taking care of the heart and body.
I am simply thinking about how easily my heart gets all clogged up.
It’s not hard when…
I stay up too late and am tired.
My 3 year old wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.
I worry about things.
I miss friends and family.
I feel isolated and lonely.
Family and/or friends are hurting.
I have a mountain of laundry to do and my house is a mess.
I feel discouraged and unmotivated…
Oh, I could go on.
And it all piles up, big things and little things.
And it feels like one bottle of drano is just not going to do the trick.
I feel weighed down and attacked.
Oh, satan knows just when to dig in.
On these days, as the feeler I am, 
I know I have to hang tight to what I know, not what I feel.
I know I am a child of God.
I know life is not fair, but I am not alone.
I know that life can be hard, but I am loved.
I know that Jesus died for me.
I know that I am forgiven.
I know that my “professional strength” comes from Him and only Him.
So when I feel like there is a huge target on my heart,
I will lean on Jesus.
It may not all go away at once.
I may need an extra bottle of drano to do the trick,
but at least I know I don’t have to carry this life on my own.
Thank you, Jesus!

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