So if it is an actual law, it must not be uncommon right?
Right outside our house, in the middle of our little “village” so to speak,
we had a pond.  There were several ponds at the resort.
I believe the ponds were all connected with swampland.
It was quite beautiful.  
But of course, along with those swamps come critters. 
One morning as we walked to the beach, we saw him.
He was long and swimming along the surface of the pond in our village.
On our walk back from the beach there he was,
sunning himself on the bank.  
He seemed so out of place at this resort.  
It was just weird.
Of course, Brian’s family is from Florida so gators are not uncommon to them at all.
But it was still weird.
in retrospect, I believe the gator belonged there, we were the ones who didn’t.
After all, this was their land.  They were here first.
People just moved in and kind of took over.
So he really wasn’t the visitor, we were.
I often hear people refer to earth as not being our home.  
That we are just here temporarily, visiting, and one day will go home to Heaven to be with the Lord.
I understand that thought, but am also challenged by it.
I believe this is my home.  
God created this earth for us to dwell.
He originally created it in perfect form for us to walk in the garden with him.
But sin entered and it just moved right in, trying to take over.
And so we live on an earth where there is chaos, war, heartache, death, disease…
The Good News is that it doesn’t end there!
God created this world and is in the business of reconciling and restoring this garden and those he created to live in it.  That’s you and me!
By the blood of Jesus, we are forgiven.  We are restored.
So I give my life to this business of reconciling and restoring this beautiful creation.
This is my home.  It was created for me.  I want to do my part in caring for it.
With love, kindness, gentleness, patience, peace, joy, faithfulness, goodness, self control and a lot of grace! 
And I invite you to join me in making this your business too.
Dearest Jesus, may I never let the hardships of this life weigh me down.  Help me to see with new eyes, the beauty of your creation, the home you gave to your children.
  Grant me the strength and perseverance to do my part in reconciling and restoring your creation, both the earth and your people.  
May I love unconditionally, 
give sacrificially
as you have done for me.

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