Prayer… again

This prayer is from the opening prayer for Monday in Sounds of the Eternal:  A Celtic Psalter (The prayer book I am currently using… see my previous post)

In the silence of the morning
I am alive to the new day's light,
alert to the early stirrings of the wind
and the first sounds of the creatures.
In the silence of my heart
I hear the yearnings that are in me and the fears,
the hopes that rise from within
and the doubts that trouble my soul.
In the beginnings of this day, O God,
before the nights's stillness is lost to the day's busyness,
open me to the treasure of my inner being
that in the midst of this day's busyness I may draw on wisdom.
Assure me again of my origins in you,
assure me again that my true depths are of you.

May this prayer bless you as it has me this morning.

Posted via email from Pastor Brian Spahr

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