Looking for Your Input

I'm looking for your input. Over the years this blog has taken on several different forms and directions but the one thing that has always been consistent is that it is a place where I think out loud (thus the new name for the blog.) Often what I write are just thoughts or reflections that, while not always fully refined, are an honest picture of what I am thinking on in the moment. I don't want that to change. What I would like input on, however, is what I might consider thinking out loud about. If you are going to read this thing it might as well be relevant to you… and your input might help me think about things that aren't normall on my radar. One thing that I am ALWAYS interested in are the questions that non-pastor-type people wrestle with when it comes to faith and life and God. I'm interested in these questions/challenges whether you are a christian or not. So, if you were asking, what would you ask? See the point (at least for me) in thinking out loud is not just so I can get my viewpoint across. Well, sometimes that is what I hope to do, but I am much more interested in engaging in a conversation about stuff that matters (and even sometimes stuff that doesn't matter so much but is just fun to talk about.) So bring it on! Think out loud with me!

2 thoughts on “Looking for Your Input

  1. THis is kind of a broad topic and not really a question, but maybe at somepoint you could write your thoughts concerning the Emergent Church (movement). I personally don’t know too awful much about it, just learning as I go, so I would like to read your perspectives on it.
    Great new look, by the way!

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