Monday is for Quotes

Here's the truth about telling stories with your life. It's going to sound like a great idea, and you are going to get excited about it, and then when it comes time to do the work, you're not going to want to do it. It's like that with writing books, and it's like that with life. People love to have lived a great story, but few people like the work it takes to make it happen. But joy costs pain. — Donald Miller (from A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.)

I think I have experienced more than my share of challenge over the last few weeks.  Life is certainly not dull.  I think that's why this quote resonates so much with me this morning.  I want life to be interesting… I want to put myself out there in such a way that my life is a good story… but living a good story is a risky proposition.  It is hard work and it increases the potential for being hurt.   Living a good story… loving without condition means that, yes we may get hurt.  Living a good story is far from safe but the alternative is… well… just plain boring.  I want to live life to the fullest because that's what Jesus offers his followers (see John 10:10).  Who's with me? 

2 thoughts on “Monday is for Quotes

  1. I’m trying to find the strength to continue to live and love without conditions. But what you said is so true. Thanks for the reminder, this is what Jesus wants from me too 🙂

  2. This is so true. Another quote I love is…”One has to learn to accept rejection, but also to reject acceptance.” Christ enables us the ability to live out good stories, but often to the beat of a drum far different from the rest of the world. And that does mean we may get hurt in the process. It’s a hard thing learning to only seek acceptance from God (and not everyone else). We’re conditioned to want to “be liked”, “be accepted”, “be agreed with” and “be supported”. And when it doesn’t happen, we have a tendency to get lazy…thus missing out on the work, the pain in some cases, it takes to make an impact, have joy and spread it too. I can so relate.

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