Morning Reflections 12/10/09 (Matthew 12:15-32)

MATTHEW 12:15-32

I only have a brief moment to write today, but I have been reflecting on this text all morning.  There is some tough stuff here, but what immediately jumps off the page at me this morning is that, in the face of incredible accusation and opposition, Jesus takes the opportunity to proclaim to his accusers that, "the kingdom of God has come upon you."  The Pharisees were prepared to attribute something that could only be done by the power of God (see v. 22-24) to the "Prince of Demons," and Jesus challenges them in a big way.  It's like he is saying, "Hold on there partner.  Do you really know what you are saying here… and the consequences as leaders of God's people that will fall on you as a result.  If from your guts you are unable to distinguish evil from good, then it would seem that evil is consuming you in such a way that will be beyond repair."  It seems like it would easy for us to distinguish between good and evil, but how many times in my own life has evidence of the presence of Kingdom of God been right before my eyes, yet I have still chosen to go my own way… even knowing what the potential consequences may be.  

Jesus, I pray that this day that I would be awakened to the reality of your kingdom come in my life and may your will be done in and through my actions.

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