Morning Reflections 12/8/09 MATTHEW 11:25-30

This morning I am stuck in an auto repair shop, spending more money than I would like to get our car running well again. I’ve got a long list of things to do today, so this is not how I had really planned to spend my day. The good thing about being stuck, however, is that it forces me to slow down for a few hours which gives me some good time to reflect.

Our son Zachary loves books. It is fun as a parent with a book addiction to watch him light up as he looks through books on his own or when we read to him. Yesterday he grabbed one of his favorites — a little book that tells the Christmas story, accompanied by a little song about baby Jesus — and as he was bringing it over to the couch and he boldly proclaimed, “I LOOOOOOOVE BABY JESUS!” I know he was talking about the book, but I almost cried as I heard my son son say those words. I want nothing more for him in this life than to know the love of Jesus and to love Jesus in return. For him yesterday it seemed like a no brainer. He “loooooves” Jesus.

In this text today Jesus says, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.”

Do we sometimes make knowing and following Jesus more complicated than it needs to be? Could it be that there are times when what we think we “know” gets in the way of knowing what is really important… or maybe better said, knowing WHO is really important.

Lord, today I pray that what I know in my head would not get in the way of knowing you more fully.

One thought on “Morning Reflections 12/8/09 MATTHEW 11:25-30

  1. So true, Brian. I think you already know how amazed at what and how much I learn about Jesus and his love from Emma. Her little heart is just so pure and she knows more that I probably realize. I was thinking about this too…the simplicity of Christ’s message…the other day. You know we are so looking forward to the Behold the Lamb of God concert. I was listening to the CD and the first song, “Gather Round Ye Children Come” really says it all. Something we take and make it so complex…we have to digest and dissect, analyze and argue, really is as simple as put in a few beautiful chorus lines or our children saying they love Jesus.
    Which Emma said Baby Jesus for the first time today while looking at her Bible. It does bless my heart too.

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