Morning Reflections (11/10/09)

MATTHEW 8:1-17

"Lord, if you are willing you can make me clean."

I have been thinking a lot about healing lately.  I've been wrestling with the same question I think everyone wrestles with at some time or another.  Why?  Why God –when you have the power to intervene and heal your people– why does it seem at times, no matter how fervently we pray, healing simply doesn't come.  You taught us to pray, "Your kingdom come and YOUR WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven."  I believe that this is what you want… for things to be on earth as they are in heaven.  I believe that you want a world that is free from suffering and pain and sickness and disease, so why God does this not always come to pass?  Are we to just chalk it up to our (mis)understanding of you timing?  Or do we somehow start to believe that it is your will that we suffer?  How do we reconcile things like cancer with a loving God who is the great healer?  Lord, as the leper prayed before you that day so long ago, if you are willing you can do this!  Why does it seem like sometimes you are not willing?  Why do we see glimpses of your remarkable power, yet you do not always use it in the ways that we long for and ask?Why?

Why? is a burden.  I don't know that I will ever come up with a good answer to that question, so Jesus I pray that you would release us from the burden of, "why?"  Set us free so that we may know your presence even in the midst of our deepest and darkest hurts.  I believe Jesus that wherever you are present there is hope and healing and restoration and peace and forgiveness and EVERYTHING I NEED!  I believe this with all that I am.  May they not be empty words.  You have promised to be with us in our suffering… to go there with us.  Help us to claim your presence (and all that accompanies you) in our times of deepest hurt.  Free us from the burden of, "Why?" so that we might know you more fully as you humble yourself and suffer alongside us… as you, "take up our pain and bear our suffering." (ISAIAH 53:4)  Thank you Jesus for leaving your place of power so that you might walk with us in the lowest places.  Because you love us, we will never walk alone.

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