I am reading a few different books, believe it or not.  I usually have to stick to one to keep sane, but lately I have been hungry to reconnect with my God, and more than one book has entered my life.  At Graceway Church we are working through LifeShapes as found in A Passionate Life by Breen and Kallestad.  Today I have been digging into the Triangle, specifically the UPLifeShape3-Triangle portion of the Triangle. It was just what I believe God wanted me to hear today.  As I continue to work on balance in my life as a mom, wife, pastor's wife, homemaker, child of God, friend, daughter, sister…etc… The Triangle has convicted my heart that I will not find balance if I do not nurture my UP relationship with my God.  In any relationship, to grow deeper we must do more than just talk about life, we must walk life together.  Spending time together with a friend, spouse and/or your children draws you into a deeper relationship, naturally.  You are spending time together.  Relationships that are spent just talking, are one dimensional.  I can see how close relationships in my life have changed by living in different states. It's just how it is. So how can I believe that my relationship with the Lord is going to deepen by just talking to him?  I need to walk with him.  Invite him into every aspect of my day; as I play with my son, as I prepare lunch, as I walk out to get the mail…every aspect.  It's hard to remember that all the time, but practicing it will make it habit.  And I know in my heart that I need Jesus in my life, my every day life.  I need to always look up and let the Light of Life fill me up.  Lord Jesus, help me to walk the walk.  Amen.

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