Morning Reflections 10/27/09

Matthew 6:16-24

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Planting a church is hard.  Maybe that sounds obvious, but coming in to this I'm not sure I had any real understanding of how difficult it would actually be.  I'm not sure anyone does until they are actually in the thick of it. In my case I hit the ground here in Charlotte with all kinds of ideas and hopes and dreams.  Many of those ideas and hopes and dreams are still alive (some are on the back burner for now, and others… maybe weren't such good ideas).  What I am discovering, however, is that these things that I believe God has laid upon my heart to pursue in all of this are not exactly the quickest way to get people together.  Graceway, in fact, could be the slowest growing new church in our city.  Each Sunday there are about 30 people who come to our worship gathering which by most standards is pretty underwhelming.  But here's the thing; almost 100% of the people who come to our gatherings are also serving God by serving people in need in our community through our partnership with The Commonplace.  We have an incredibly talented music leader who is mentoring younger musicians and helping them learn to lead in our musical expressions of worship.  Almost everyone connected with Graceway is engaged in some opportunity outside of our worship gathering to digging deeper into scripture, strengthening their relationships with God and each other.  There's even more to tell, but I think you get the point.  God is at work in a powerful way both in and through this community we call Graceway. 

This morning as I read this passage, verse 21 gave me the opportunity to reflect on the question, "Where is my heart?"  My thoughts this morning are not some deep or profound theological analysis of the text… they are simply reflections on where the text met me this morning.  "Where is my heart?"  When I think of what God is stirring in me as I try to lead this little community that I believe God has called me to lead my heart is about leading people into a deepening relationship with Jesus.  And when I look at Graceway Church, I can honestly say that by the power of the Holy Spirit working in us and through as a community, together we are doing just that.  Do I hope that more people connect with what we are about?  Absolutely!  Is going to take a long time and a lot of work.  Definitely.  

2 thoughts on “Morning Reflections 10/27/09

  1. Good Morning Brian,
    Thanks for your post… in seeing God move, deeper than wider, at Graceway and truly knowing your heart. You have ministered to me this morning. In our church (often, wider) we are doing all we can to do ministry the way Graceway is doing it. May the Lord pour His favor out on your efforts to “seek and save the lost” by witnessing to them they way ya’ll do in Charlotte.
    I miss you friend… greet your family for me.
    Brother in Christ,

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