I have never been very good at following a schedule.  For most of my life I have prided myself in my ability to, "go with the flow."  As my life has changed (IE:  gotten married, 2-year-old son, pastor of a church, etc.), however, I am discovering that "going with the flow" is not a lifestyle is not serving me well.  Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking and praying about finding a rhythm of life that gives me the best opportunity to experience the fullness of what God has in store for me in this season of life.  Here's what I mean:  I love books.  God speaks to me in and through books more than any other medium, yet in my "go with the flow" lifestyle reading often gets pushed aside for other "in the moment activities" and becomes something I do. "whenever I can find the time."  I often replace this feeding and filling activity with something like watching a TV show that I don't really care about or randomly surfing the internet.  Now, there is something to be said about having some time for "mindless" activity… I need to find time in my rhythm of life for that as well, but the point is that my life falls out of rhythm and I am not fed in the way I need by my own doing.  I neglect what feed me for the sake of something that does not.  My priorities are out of whack.

I know I'm not really saying anything new or innovative here, but it has been an important realization in my life that I am now making efforts to address.  I have been making efforts to schedule time each day for the activities that bear fruit in my life as well as time to simply abide and relax… times where I am not producing anything.  I have always said that "going with the flow" has allowed me to be open to the Spirit's leading and moving in my life, but in reality living without any clear direction has often made it more difficult to engage in the kind of activity that helps me see and follow the Spirit's leading.  Scheduling my day and writing down my priorities is actually helping me gain clarity in God's vision for my life.  

Lord, I pray that I might continue to discover a rhythm in which I might experience the fullness of what you have in store for my life.

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