Morning Reflections – Matthew 1:1-17

Today I am beginning a new daily Bible reading practice.  At Graceway we have a DAILY BIBLE READING GUIDE that we encourage people to use that will take the reader through the four gospels and the book of Acts in a year… reading short passages each day.  I have used this guide for several years personally, but have not been following it recently.  I thought it might be fun to begin using it again and invite the Graceway community (and anyone else who wants) to join in the fun and reflect on what we are reading together.  I will (as often as I can) post my daily reflections on my blog and facebook and I invite you to comment or add your own thoughts or post your own reflections.  Sound good?  Let's do it!

Matthew 1:1-17

I have to be honest, passages like this can be easy for me to skip over.  This isn't one one of those texts that you can easily read and then apply its' principles.  It's a genealogy intended to show how Jesus family lineage was a fulfillment of prophecy.  This can be confusing, however, because Luke's version and Matthew's version have some differences… creating an apparent contradiction.  (For a good, concise article on this CLICK HERE)  For me, however, the point in reading a text like this is not so I can analyze the technical nuance (although I find it interesting), nor is it to find 3 simple steps to a better me in neatly packaged bullet-point list.  A text like this, more than anything, reminds me that the Bible is more than just a handbook or a technical manual.  The Bible is a story.  It is the story of God at work in the world in and through his people.  This little genealogy may be evidence of fulfillment of prophecy… adding credibility to the Bible, but more so it is a reminder that God has been at work across the generations (in the lives of REAL people) working to redeem and restore the world… and that work came to completion in the REAL person of Jesus.  The exciting thing to me is that this story now goes on in you and me.  Because of Jesus we have been added to this little family tree.  We are co-heirs with Jesus (See Romans 8:17) to the kingdom of God!  It's good to be part of the family. = true;

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